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We're here to help you change your life

We understand anxiety. We've experienced it. And we've learnt how to beat it. We care about helping people apply the DARE approach to regain control over their own wellbeing.

Author of Dare & FOUNDER

Barry McDonagh

Barry McDonagh (BA, Dip Psych ) is the author of the best selling book "Dare, The New Way to Break Free from Anxiety and Panic Attacks" and is the creator of the best selling anxiety treatment program Panic Away. The program has been purchased by more than 80,000 people worldwide and has been featured on TV and radio across America.

Over 15 years ago Barry started teaching people a breakthrough approach for ending panic attacks and is now one of the most sought after anxiety coaches online.

Licensed Clinical Therapist & Coach

Michelle Cavanaugh

Michelle is a licensed clinical therapist with years of experience helping people break free from anxiety and has significant training in various areas, including Motivational therapy, and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

Michelle's approach is strengths-based and motivational using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques and specializes in anxiety disorders.

life & anxiety coach

Suzane Brikassa

Suzane Brikassa is a life and anxiety coach, who with the help of Barry McDonagh's program has made it her mission and passion to help people from all walks of life, to achieve a more peaceful anxiety free state.

Now recovered for over 6 years, with the help of this program and her constant motivational tools, she is able to teach many to do the exact same.

IT & TechnicaL Support

John Pasinabo

John Pasinabo has been DARE's head of customer support for 5 years and keep things running smooth in the background. John a strong team player with a focus on delivering a first class customer service to our customers. Is open-minded, innovative and ambitious.

He is passionate about putting our customers first and tries to solve all queries in a timely manner.

Head of Customer Support

John Quirke

John Quirke responsible for the daily operation of the company, manages projects programming and the scheduling process for a portfolio of websites, apps and development projects across the full project life-cycle.

John researches the analysis of future operations and the smooth running of current operations, with the objective of improved productivity and discovering new approaches.